Thursday, August 23, 2012

"The Rise of Nine" by: Pittacus Lore

Have you ever been so excited for the release of a book that you pre-ordered it months in advance, then forgot about it only to have it show up on your doorstep like Christmas in July (well August, actually)? Well, that is what happened to me. I woke up on August 21st and there it was in all its Lorien glory... I owned "The Rise of Nine". This is the third book in the Lorien Legacies series and the combination of all the characters from Pittacus' "Lost Files" sub-series. This book starts off right where "The Power of Six" left off with Six in Spain and John escaping the Mog camp with Nine. Let me just say "This is the story we have all been waiting for!" After rescuing Marina and Ella, the girls and Ella's Cepan, Crayton, are off to India to follow a lead about another possible member of the Guarde. When they arrive their fun is just beginning. Back in America, John and Nine are recovering from the Mog camp and getting to know each other while uncovering the real reasons the US government is hunting them with Mog weapons. They finally join forces with the other Guarde and it is time for the Showdown! Who wins? You'll just have to read it to find out!


  1. I never heard of this series, so thanks for the introduction! Is it best to read the books in the order they're written?

    1. For the main books, yes. It will go 1. I am Number Four 2. The Power of Six 3. The Rise of Nine. All of the Novella books around the series (The Lost Files) can be read in any order, they just give a bit more background to the characters you meet.