Here are some Answers to questions I have been getting asked lately. If I don't answer a question you have leave a comment and I will answer it.

  • What type of books do you review?
    • Mostly YA Fiction. I do however have a pension for anything with beer or chocolate and if you ask me, I will probably review anything.
  • Do you charge for reviews?
    • No, if you ask me to review a book I will. If it is a book I do not own already (I have a lot on my TBR shelf already purchased for a rainy day) I will take donation of said book.
  • What is a blog tour?
    • A blog tour is a virtual tour around different websites that highlight the same subject. For instance, say Jessica Sorensen has a new book coming out and she wants to increase buzz before it comes out, she would ask a blogger to orchestrate a blog tour to get some buzz buzzing. They feature a range of things from Author and character interviews, to teasers from upcoming projects, cover reveals and anything else you could think of. 
  • Do you run blog tours?
    • As a matter of fact, yes I do. If you are interested in setting one up head over to the author services page and fill out the form :)
  • How often do you post book reviews?
    • I try my best to post at least 2 a week. Some weeks more, some weeks less. I will always try and post at least one recipe and 1 funny dog story each week as well. 
  • Is blogging all you do?
    • No, I do have a "big girl" job as a purchasing agent for a construction company, that is why you will find most of my posts happen during the early morning or late night. 
  • Whats the deal with the "Support my Blog" button?
    • I have that button in case anyone wants to donate money to the blog. I love what I do but unfortunately 100% of my costs come out of pocket. If I do a gift card giveaway that's my money. The button is there for people that want to donate to make the blog better. All donations will go directly into books to review or swag for giveaways. I would never take the money for profit, I'm not that girl (Wicked reference check!).
  •  Do you give negative reviews?
    • NO! I would never bash a book. Usually if I read a book of my own volition and I don't really love it, I won't review it. If I was asked to review a book, I will highlight its high points. Not every book is for every person, and I will never bash something because it simply isn't my style.
  • Was Sirius named after the radio station?
    • HA! No, I am a book nerd folks, Sirius Black M. was named after an equally cunning and roguish character from one of my favorite series Harry Potter.

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