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Good Morning Avid Readers!

I had an awesome week, mom and I took a road trip down to Miami to go visit my dad at work. There were some really interesting smells coming out of the car in front of us and I got to see loads of these big white birds on Alligator Alley. I don't know why they call it alligator alley, I've never seen one there... only big birds. When we got to Miami, Dad and I played with my favorite teething bone from when I was a puppy. We went on another car ride to my 2nd favorite restaurant Taco Bell, then I got to lay in the bed with mom and dad and watch a movie. They finally left me alone and I got to visit my favorite spot in the hotel room... the toilet. I don't know why, but hotel toilet water is delicious! The next day, we went to Starbucks before driving back across Big White Bird Alley and I saw these 2 big curly dogs but mom wouldn't let me play with them because they were in someones car. I got home and my sisters beat me up for getting to see dad and them not coming. I told them its because daddy loves me more but really its because they are little and bark at really everything. I've seen them bark at tree leaves before. When we got home mommy set up the office for my FAVORITE THING IN FOREVER... a photo shoot! She said she needed Christmas Cards. I don't know what Christmas is, but if it means I get treats for doing something I love I am in! She tried taking pictures of all of us but that didn't work out so well so she separated us and made us take them alone. I hope she lets me see these Cards... I don't like when she takes pictures and doesn't let me see them. I will post pictures later but as for now its time for me to go chew on my foot. I got an itch I can't scratch. 

These are my sisters Butter, Peanut and Bella!
Bye guys!

Hey Everyone!

Shh... Don't tell my mom, but I sneaked into her library to write to you guys. With all the fun stuff that goes on in my life I thought I should tell you about it. I mean, come on... who doesn't wonder what goes on in a dogs head? Well, "The Dog House" is where the answers to your wildest dog featured questions will be answered.

:ears perk: Did you just ask what did I do today? Well, let me tell you! Today was a pretty normal Sunday. I couldn't let mom sleep in and get beauty rest because I need to maintain cutest thing in the house status so I made her take me out early. What I didn't know was that today would be gorgeous!!!! So gorgeous in fact that I got to go SWIMMING!!!!!!!! I know you have all seen the videos so I will spare you the repeat viewing but it was awesome. Mom found a coconut that was the perfect size for me to fetch from the lake. We did that for  a while until I found a school of tadpoles in the lake. Have you ever chased a tadpole? BEST THING EVER (ok except for maybe the cows... those were pretty awesome.) After chasing the tadpoles for a while mom turned on the hose! She let me chase the water and run around all soaking wet. After that she put me in my room to dry off while she went to the store. When she got back Christmas came early!!!! She went to the pet store and got me and my sisters 5 new toys!!!!!! My sister Peanut took the little fox toy and ripped it to shreds in just 5 minutes. I wish I was that good at destroying toys... maybe one day when I am a viejito like her I will be just as good. Oh crap I think I hear mom coming into the library, bye guys!!! Talk to you next week!

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