Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fade to Silver Review

Fade to Silver is the second book in The In Between Series by Catherine Converse and picks up right where the In Between left off. Adie has gone top-side to start her first year of college and is playing on the University Soccer team. After a match one day, she is shocked to find Rens waiting outside the stadium. He runs away before Jeff can catch him but it can only mean one thing, school is getting cut short this year. With Dannika still at research, being back at IPA feels a little weird for Adie. When Adie steps into a new girls dream, IPA heads to Montana to find the new visionary and stop the murder from happening. Dannika in the mean time has decided that she no longer wants to be a lab rat and tries to escape IPA and head to the city. On her way, she gets captured by Rens who performs a memory scan and takes her to Montana to help Raile figure out her dreams. With IPA splitting resources between finding Dannika, and stopping the murders the new visionary and Adie have seen they are pressed for time and information. Will Dannika remember who Rens really is and help Raile and Tank escape? Will IPA find the mysterious new visionary and bring her in to catch the killer? Read Fade to Silver to find out!

This book is another smash hit by Catherine Converse. I did not think I could love these characters any more but, I do. Adie is faced with some tough decisions in Fade to Silver and she has to make them all alone. Dannika really comes into herself and becomes a woman I truly admire. You follow two story lines in Fade to Silver and Catherine does an amazing job keeping both stories organized. The book was laid out very well and you always knew exactly what you need to and nothing more. It is a very action packed story filled with twists and turns you would never expect and I cannot wait for more. Catherine did a wonderful job creating conflict between Witt and Jeff and you really begin to see that everything is not what it seams. I cannot praise this story enough! It is an amazing second installment in the series and I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to read the third!


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