Sunday, December 9, 2012

Interview with the Bad Man

Welcome to today's stop on The In Between Blog Tour! I was able to secure an interview with none other than Rens and let me just tell you that you will not want to miss this.

For those of you who have not read The In Between yet, I have two things to tell you. 1. Hurry up and read it because Fade to Silver is almost here and this is a series you do not want to miss for anything. 2. Rens - Bad Guy Extraordinaire, sidekick to RAM (the number 1 baddie in The In Between), is not to be trifled with. He has one hell of a mean streak and knows a lot more about IPA than he lets on. Now that you know what I had to go through to get this interview, welcome.

I walk into the room and eye the guy everyone is so afraid of. Yea, he looks pretty murderous but I would not give up this interview for anything. It is my chance to get inside the monsters head. My chance at Rens.

Jenn: Hello Rens, thanks for meeting with me.

Rens: Yeah. You got five minutes. Use it wisely.

Jenn: So, Mr. Evil Big and Scary, how does it feel to be feared by the entire US Government?

Rens: First of all, I ain’t evil. I got a job to do. And I do it better than anyone. You hear that? I say anyone. Everyone’s gotta get by somehow. You people are all uppity with your education and your book reading and your interviews. Well, me, I got bigger fish to fry. I take care of real stuff out in the real world. And as for the government, they’re wimps with big titles. They know who to call if they really want to get something taken care of, if you know what I’m sayin’. They just give me the instructions, and I get paid. They stay as far out of my business as possible. So I give them that. At least they’re smart.

Jenn: Tell me a little bit about you. I know about all of your “achievements” but nothing about you.

Rens: You want get personal, huh? Well, come on over here, I’ll show you all there is to know about me.

Jenn: According to Dannika, that’s not much to worry about. Your hollow threats mean nothing to me. How did it feel being over shadowed by the Ram, I mean it was really you that deserved all the credit right?

Rens: So you’re a tough girl, huh? You might have more common sense than I thought. The Ram was a loser. You talk about evil. The Ram was just that. Pure evil. But he was weak, and he lacked true street smarts. I was instructed to ‘follow his orders’, but he never even knew that I was just playing along. My real boss is the one everyone should be afraid of. But, then again, I have a feeling that you already know that.

Jenn: Now that you aren’t hiding behind his shadow, what can we expect?

Rens: The right people are starting to learn about me. About what I can do. You’d be surprised who needs people like me. Yeah, that’s right. Even the ‘good guys’ need a little help to get what they want. That’s where I come in. You can bet that ol’ Rensy here ain’t goin nowhere. So get a good look at this face, cuz this here’s gonna be the most famous wanted man that was every protected by the so-called “good guys.”

Jenn: Oh yea Rens, and what is it that “you can do?”

Rens:  I’d be happy to show you, just maybe not here. You seem to have a rough side. I could use a little help, you know. Getting’ to be kind of in demand. You’d have to get those pretty little hands dirty, though. Not so sure you could handle that.

Jenn: What made you this way? I’m sure you weren’t always like this.

Rens: You really want me to tell you about my worthless, drug addict dad, or no, how about my mom, left me and my sister home alone for days? No. No way I’m giving you all that unless you plan on coming over here to sit on my lap and make it all better. But, how did I get like this—huge, manly, unstoppable and awesome? When that crazy man Mayer got a hold of me, told me he’d pay me the big bucks, and bail me out of jail, to help out in an experiment, I might have been a little weak at the time. Didn’t do a lot of weight lifting, if you know what I’m sayin’. But turns out I never had to. Mayer had the right kind of science, gave me this body you be eying like candy. I see you there, checkin me out. And I got real strong. I told him he should bottle the stuff and sell it, but he’s so nuts he called his experiment his baby, and then he said quote “people don’t sell their babies.” I told him that yes, some people did. The smart ones. But he be crazy, man. Glad I’m not working for him anymore, but I did get to stay this way. So I s’pose somethin’ good came of it.

Jenn: What does your mom think about all of this? Does she know who you really are?

Rens: I see my mom every Christmas. She’s gonna freak out this year. She did eventually straighten herself out, works as a secretary for some insurance salesman. My sister still lives with her. That’s why I go back. But what does she think? I don’t really care. I send them money. That seems to shut her right up.

Jenn: Do you think you will get caught?

Rens: You’re kiddin’ me, right? I got friends in the right places, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Jenn: And where exactly would those places be?

Rens: Everywhere you’ve ever and never been.

Jenn: Well, thank you for agreeing to “meet” me tonight. I’m sure you have more pressing things to do so I will let you go.

Rens:  My pleasure. If you ever need a little company, well, you’ll never know where to find me, but maybe I’ll just have to keep an eye on you.

Jenn: Maybe I’ll leave the blinds open, Night Rens!

So, there is is. The man behind the mystery. I hope you all enjoyed getting inside his head with me. Don't forget to check out The In Between and Catherine Converse. 



  1. You know my thoughts on the matter. I think there is more to Rens than meets the eye :)

  2. Oh that is too intriguing..... a bad guy attitude, and yet I sense a wee bit of vulnerability is lurking within. Awesome interview, will we ever get this chance again with Mr. Elusive?