Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Heart for the Ocean

“Thus all art is propaganda and ever must be.”- W.E.B. Du Bois

Heart for the Ocean by Taylor Lakke is just that, a propaganda piece. Do not get me wrong, propaganda is not always bad. This book carries a strong message wrapped in mermaid paper.

It starts by following the seemingly mundane life of Madison McKinsey. Madison is your normal 15 year-old girl with a paper route and dreams of a supped up golf cart. One day on her paper route she decides to give a free paper to the new family that just moved in. When she puts her hand in the paper round her life changes. She feels a peace and calm and hears beautiful harp music, then she sets eyes on a pure dreamboat, Landon. As she speeds off to avoid embarrassment he is hot on her tail to find out who she is. When he finds her on Facebook he welcomes her into a world she never knew existed, the world of mermaids. With Landon being half mer-dude (ok ok merman) he has accepted a life quest from his mother: let the world know of the pollution and death in the oceans because of the humans. As Landon takes Madison around the world to show her the beautiful ocean they come upon the horrible sights of destruction the humans have caused. Landon and Madison both feel a special connection to each other and know that they are meant to take on this challenge together.

If you are interested in reading a book with a message, this would be the series for you. It is a call to action wrapped in fiction to keep you reading what is truly a sad story. All of the things this book speaks about are true, our oceans are dying and it is our fault. Whether or not mermaids are trying to solve the problem is yet to be discovered as fact.

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