Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wolf Pact part 1

No, you aren’t dreaming, Blue Bloods is back!!!

Wolf Pact is a 4 part novella chronicling the life of Bliss Llewellyn after leaving the clave in NYC, at her mother Allegra’s request, to find the hounds of hell.

Part 1 of the novella introduces us to the wolf pack and how they were able to escape to Earth. Lawson becomes the wolf in charge when they get to earth and they instantly begin to realize they have a lot to earn. Thankfully this becomes easier when they meet the warlock, Arthur Beauchamp. He teaches them about the history of the world from the perspectives of both the red and blue bloods. After moving around for a while, the wolves settle in Hunting Valley. When the Hell Hounds find them it is up to Lawson to save the rest of his pack.

Did Bliss and Jane (Pistis Sophia) find the pack before the Hell Hounds or will Bliss have to continue her search and pray she finds them before Lucifer and his hounds do?

After what feels like years, I finally got another glimpse into the world of the Blue Bloods. This novella takes an amazing turn with all new characters to fall in love with. Melissa does a wonderful job creating a back-story and history for these creatures and uses amazing details to tie into the Blue Bloods story we already know. She creates a wonderfully dysfunctional family dynamic within the pack that just makes you root for them even more. My only complaint about this book is that it ended too early. Now I have to wait for the second one (Releasing Oct. 23). Be sure you check out the entire 4 part series and the rest of the Blue Bloods novels before Gates of Paradise is released this January :insert fangirl moment here:. 

Here is the link for Wolf Pact Part 1
                               Wolf Pact Part 2 (pre-order)
Here is the link to her author page on Amazon where you can find the entire Blue Bloods series and The Witches of East End (currently being turned into a TV show)

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