Monday, September 17, 2012

Bait Review

50 shades move over! I started reading Bait not realizing it would get quite that steamy but man I am thankful it did!

Bait by Annie Nicholas is a story about a girl who is used as bait (hence the name) to lure rogue vampires to their death. She has never had any reason not to believe her handler, Colby, until she finally met her target. Rurik was nothing like the other rogue vampires she met, he had class and dignity and actually spoke to her instead of at her. She was still going to follow orders, still lure him to his death, until he drugged her and snuck her out the side entrance (men). When they arrived at the plain steel door in the alley that was their destination, Rurik changed again. He swore to protect her, to not let her die, and that is when she started doubting Colby. When the private party was attacked and Rurik helped her escape she knew something was really wrong. Now “Rabbit” as Rurik so affectionately calls her, has to find the truth and pick sides in a battle far larger than any of the Vampire Slayers could possibly imagine. All of their worst nightmares are true and they toe the thin line between the Nosferatu and the vampires of today.

 Annie Nicholas was able to write a book worth a $2000 ticket to Budhapest. Her imagery and descriptions of the country were enough to make me look up the trip for my honeymoon! The entire time I was reading it, I felt like I could turn around and touch the city and characters. Even those you only knew for a minute, Marie for instance, will always hold a place in your heart. Not to mention, Rurik! Christian Grey move over, this is my man of choice. All and all this book was nothing like I expected and that just made me like it even more. Now I just have to read the next book in the Angler series, Catch.

Here are the links for a free copy on Amazon and Nook. 

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