Monday, September 3, 2012

The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass Review

In City of Glass, we find ourselves right back where we left off. Jace, Alec, and Isabelle are heading to Alicante with Maryse and Robert Lightwood for a hearing about what to do with Valentine. Clary is supposed to join them but Jace has Simon meet him at the Institute to convince him to keep Clary in New York where it is safe. Unfortunately, even the institute isn’t safe with Valentine having 2 of the 3 Mortal Instruments. In a life or death situation, Jace is forced to break the rules again and bring an injured Simon through the portal and into the Glass City. When Clary arrives at the institute a few hours later ready to see Idris for the first time she realizes something went horribly wrong. She uses her rune writing ability to create her own portal to Idris and find the friends that left her behind. Thankfully, when she arrives, Luke is there to save the day and she finds herself recuperating at Amantis’ house. This book is not short on action by any means, Simon gets jailed by the new Inquisitor, we find Hodge is still alive, and Sebastian is not who he seems.
We see fear and pandemonium overtake the Glass City as Valentine and his demons are able to enter the city and disable the wards. He gives the Clave a choice, surrender or die. With Luke and Clary there to fight the good fight, we find out whether or not the Clave is willing to find out if an allegiance with the down worlders is a good idea or something they should fear more than Valentine’s ultimate rule. What will they decide? Read “City of Glass,” the third in the Mortal Instruments Series to find out.
(I apologize for the short review but my fingers wanted to give away too many spoilers, it was that good.)

Don’t forget to check out the next book in the Saga, “City of Fallen Angels.”

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