Monday, September 17, 2012

Wild Child Review

Ever wonder what kind of stuff you will find at the bottom of a lake? Wild Child by Mike Wells totally answers that question!

This story starts off, as any great book should, with two kids doing things they shouldn’t. Two friends Brie and Kyle are hanging out on Kyle’s father boat enjoying the afternoon when Brie gets the idea to race to the cliffs. After much badgering from Brie, Kyle finally agrees when the worst thing possible happens, a speedboat not watching the water seams to run over Brie in the water. Kyle is mortified and searches for her but realizes he must get back to the boat if he really wants to help find her. When he gets back to the boat he tries to start it and finds Brie climbing aboard with a huge scar on her stomach. She tells him about her injury and the miraculous green water that saved her. Brie takes him to it and tries to get him to partake in its healing powers. Kyle however doesn’t feel safe and wants to take it to have it tested by the biochemists at his school. When this happens everything goes south. The government shows up at his college and Brie needs the water to survive. Will he be able to ditch the Feds and help his friend or will they fail? Read Wild Child by Mike Wells to find out! 

Don't forget to follow the author on twitter @MikeWellsAuthor and check out the second book in the series Lilith.

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