Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Happy Puddle Jumper!

Now, I know I have mentioned my favorite little man on here a time or two but today he totally warranted another blog post about the light of my life and my number one source of laughter, Sirius Black (the wet blonde one).

Now with a face like his there have been loads of questions as to his lineage. Everyone goes straight to pit (which I am completely fine with, its all about the owners not the breed), but if you actually look at him he is wrinkly leading us to cross our fingers for a French Mastiff mix. However, with our last couple weeks and his recent shenanigans we are pretty sure he is a lab. First he jumped into the lake behind our house now today he wanted to play in the rain. In my utter amazement at a dog enjoying a rain storm, I had to shoot this video to prove it. FYI the "puddle" he is playing in is actually our drive way. We live in Florida and as every Floridian knows "When it rains, it floods." Enjoy the video. I hope you laugh as much as I did. (Oh yea, and watch it till the very end... it gets really awesome in the last 5 seconds.)


  1. Looks like Siruis is having some serious fun!

  2. Wow Mom, Spell is name right! He is your granddog after all. ;-)

  3. Typo! I know how to spell "is" name. lol.