Friday, September 28, 2012

Exiled Review

Everything and nothing you ever heard about aliens is true in RaShelle Workman’s book Exiled.

This story is an amazing first look into earth from an alien’s point of view. Not your normal green alien with big glassy eyes but a beautiful silver Kelarian. Venus is the Princess of Alayeah, the biggest kingdom on Kelari and is exiled to earth with her Formytian, Zaren for the highest crimes against the planet. Zaren is able to get a message out to the gods before he leaves the planet and is able to get the gods to allow Venus entry back to the planet if she can complete a quest of the utmost importance, help a human boy, Michael, find true love. Venus thinks this will be easy and must complete this task as quickly as possible because if the atmosphere of earth doesn’t kill her A.L.T. or The Order might.

RaShelle does an amazing job developing these characters from the very beginning. Within the first couple pages you already feel as though you know enough about the characters to call them your friends, within the first few chapters your family. By the end of the book they become a piece of you. I can’t lie, after I finished reading this book and found out there wasn’t a sequel yet, I shed a tear. I was not a happy camper. BUT!!!!!! There is a PREQUEL! It is a short story about the gods of Kelari, Ith and Aetha. Once you read Exiled you will understand just how awesome getting to read Aligned really is.

Will the human government find her and run their evil tests on her or will the rouge alien group kill her before she can make it back to Kelari? Does she complete her quest and make it back to avenge her family, irrihunter and take her rightful place as Queen of Alayeah? Read Exiled to find out!

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