Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Angel Review

**This Book is Best Suited for a 17+ Crowd**

50 shades doesn’t hold a candle to Angel!

Angel is the story of Aaron and Jason, or their alter egos Angel and Ty. Angel was kidnapped and forced to become a sex slave in an underground BSDM club where money could buy you anything. In Ty’s case, money bought him rights to Angel. For two years Ty tortured Angel, whipping him, branding him, raping him when suddenly things changed. Ty turned into Jason the man he wanted to be and Aaron finally saw the man behind the devil. When the men begin having real feelings for each other it becomes a matter of life and death. If they are found out Aaron and his family will be murdered. All fairy tales have to have an end and unfortunately this one ended with 2 baseball bats. Aaron barely escaped with his life and 3 years later he is finally starting to build a new life with new friends, until Jason shows up at his door. Will Aaron finally get the closure he so desperately yearns for or will he fall back into his old ways? Read Angel to find out.

This book is a spicy tale of the darker side of human nature. It is extremely well written and takes you on an adrenaline filled roller coaster ride through every emotion possible. Cyma does a fantastic job creating multilayered characters. They have so much depth and passion you cannot help but feel like they are your friends. This book was impossible to put down and when I was forced to do so I could not get the story out of my mind. Much like Jason has a hold on Aaron, Angel had a hold on me. This is a full throttle story filled with passion, anger, self-discovery and fear. It is an amazing tale and one that will stay on my shelves forever! I highly suggest this book to all people 17 and up. It gets a little graphic but it wouldn’t be the amazing story it is if you didn’t know the whole story. 

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