Monday, November 12, 2012

The In Between Review

Holy Wow. Where did the last 2 hours of my night go… Oh yea, into an abso-flipping-lutely amazing book. Who needs sleep when you have The In Between.

The In Between is a story about a girl named Adie who has the ability to see murders before they happen. When her calculus teachers aid comes up to her and suggests he knows her secret, she is intrigued and wants to know more. Jeff introduces her to ISP, a secret government contractor full of people like her who help stop crimes before they happen. When she meets her partner Dannika, she wonders about life at ISP but soon finds that Dannika can be something more than a partner, a friend. When things start changing with their dreams its up to Dannika and Adie to find out why and stop the serial killer, all before Adie leaves for college.

This book is utterly amazing. I was totally lost in the story and by the time I finished, it was 2:30 am! Catherine did an amazing job mixing the paranormal with the criminal in this action packed story. Adie is an amazing character who is very easy to relate to. Throughout the entire book you find yourself rooting for this heroine and hanging on to every word of her self-discovery. I love the fact that Catherine hinted at certain things during the story but wouldn’t give you a straight answer until the very end. As if this story could get any better, Catherine put a teaser from the second book in the series at the end and all I can say is OMG! You do not know what you are missing and I highly suggest everyone find out soon. This story is not only for a YA audience but an adult audience as well who loves twisted tales of deceit and criminal mischief. 

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  1. wow, Jennifer this book The IN BETWEEN sounds amazing! Kudos for your review and Kudos to Catherine Converse on this amazing story! Sounds like a must read and I can not wait to purchase it and read! I really liked your post!

    Syl Stein