Friday, November 23, 2012

James Fuller Interview

I was recently granted the amazing opportunity to interview James Fuller and I figured now that you all have continually heard be touting his wonders I would let you all in on the mind of James Fuller. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Jenn: Hi James, thanks for coming to visit us on the blog today.

James: I am happy to be here, thanks for having me.

Jenn: So, there has been a lot of buzz about you on the internet lately. It seems like your books are really catching on. How does that make you feel?

James: Some days speechless, other days I can do nothing but smile. It really is a great feeling to know my books are being enjoyed. It makes all the countless hours, days, weeks, months worth it.

Jenn: I’ve already finished Unforgivable 1 and 2 and can I say Holy Biscuit Eaters they were amazing! How did you come up with the idea for that story?

James: The idea was originally to have them turned into a dark comic series, but I am having some issues finding an artist who has the right style for the story to do it justice. But I wanted to create a dark story of revenge, something that people would read and say *holy sh!t!* Most revenge stories the main character is rich, or a soldier or has powerful friends or has powers or something. I didn’t want that. I wanted just a guy who I could push to his breaking point and I think I pushed poor Jamus passed breaking. There were a few scene I myself was surprised turned out the way they did.

Jenn: I loved how in depth you got with Sophia in Unforgivable Part 2, did the idea for her come from someone you know or is she completely fictional?

James: Sofia is completely fictional, but I had to do a lot of research for her character. Her story as much as it was the same as her father’s it was completely different. Sofia was damaged as most people would be having gone through what she did at such a young age and then growing up on the run. Sofia has to be one of my favorite characters I have ever had the pleasure of creating and I am glad I was able to do her story justice.

Jenn: What made you decide to write historical fiction?

James: I am not sure I would call it historical fiction, more just dark fiction, placed in a historical time.

Jenn: Do you go to Ren Fairs? If so, is it a family affair? Do you go as your own characters?

James: I have not gone to one yet, but it is on my list and I am sure my family would be thrilled to go and I know my wife would dress up if I did.

Jenn: In Fall of a King: Fall of a King the Gifted are born with white eyes, why is that?

James: It was a way to separate those born with powers to those who weren’t. But to explain further would ruin a plot line that will come up later.

Jenn: What can we expect from Book 2: Brothers of Blood?

James: Brothers of Blood is the next step up in my writing and the story of Meath and his friends. I hold nothing back in this book and their characters get defined deeply and so many twists and turns are finally revealed setting the plot structure for the next 4 books.

Jenn: With all of the amazing fight scenes you write I have to know… Do you have combat or theatrical combat training?

James: Funny you should ask. I have done martial arts for many years and enjoy fencing, knife throwing and archery. I have quite a collection of medieval weapons and for many of the battle scenes my wife and friends are so kind as to battle me to ensure the moves are possible.

Jenn: Recently you gave some of your Facebook fans a peak at Starcrossed Lover, a short story you wrote, what are the chances you are going to grace us with a full book version of that story?

James: I have gotten such great feedback from that story. I woke up at 2am and ran down to my laptop and wrote that story in about 10 minutes. I am not sure where it really came from I just knew I had to write it. As far as a full version with the amount of people asking me I am thinking I might very well have to.

Jenn: Ok, so time for the quick fire round! Chocolate or Caramel?

James: Chocolate

Jenn: Dogs or Cats?

James: Reptiles

Jenn: Dagger or Broadsword?

James: Dagger

Jenn: Hardcover or E-reader?

James: Hardcover

Jenn: Beach or Mountain?

James: Mountain

Jenn: Favorite Number?

James: 8

Jenn: Favorite Color?

James: Red

Jenn: Favorite Character to write?

James: Sofia was my favorite but since her story is finished I would have to say Astaroth.

Jenn: Favorite book of all time?

Jenn: Awesome! Thanks for hanging out with me today for this interview, is there anything else you want to tell your readers?

James: I just would like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to pick up one of my books and read it. And I am near speechless every time I get a glowing review. And I hope never to disappoint my fans.

Thank you everyone for checking out my interview with James Fuller. I hope it helped you all get through another tumultuous Black Friday!

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