Friday, November 9, 2012

Unforgiveable Part 1 Review

This book was graphic, gritty, and great!
Unforgiveable Part 1 is about the Willms family and Jamus, the fathers, search for revenge and retribution. When Jamus family is murdered, his wife raped in front of him, and his daughter kidnapped to become a play toy for a perv Lord a few towns over Jamus is left for dead burning alive. He miraculously escapes and goes in search of those responsible for ruining his life and killing his family. One by one he finds and kills the men who did this to him, with the help of a friend Barbra who continually comes to his rescue mending his broken body. With hatred and anger coursing through his veins he plows down anyone in his way trying to find and save his daughter, his last memory of his wife and family. Will he be able to find and save Sophia before Lord Carter has her for himself or will all the bloodshed be in vain? Read Unforgiveable to find out!

This book is definitely an “adult” novel. It is very well written and makes you gasp in disbelief multiple times. It has a great plot line and action that never falters. This is a man you root for, with every death you want to give him a high five and tell him good job. You can see the struggle between his conscience and his rage and it gives him a humanity that you did not expect. Set in an era long ago, you can feel the presence of the time around you. James did a wonderful job illustrating the setting through his words and the cover designer did a spectacular job capturing the face of Jamus. This book is a very gritty story, and something to not be overlooked. People with light stomachs might not like it but if you like a story full of blood, fighting, and lots of awesome killings I definitely suggest it! Aside from not realizing how graphic it was I really enjoyed it. I already started the second one and I cannot wait to finish it!

Here is the Amazon link to Unforgiveable Part 1 and Unforgiveable Part 2

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