Thursday, November 8, 2012

Falling Slowly Review

For once the man of your dreams finally exists!

After the unexpected death of her parents, seventeen-year-old Elizabeth is left with several mysteries to solve. As if adjusting to her new life wasn’t bad enough, she begins to have nightmares about creatures in the woods and a boy, by the name of Tristan, who comes to her as an angel and saves her from what he calls, the Hounds of Hell. When a new student enrolls at her high school, she is left with more unanswered questions when she discovers the newly enrolled heartthrob is none other than the boy in her dreams. She fights to keep her emotions stable as she watches all the other girls swoon over him, including her best friend. But when mysterious dead bodies start turning up around her school, she is forced to question if Tristan is the boy of her dreams or if he's the nightmare (from

This book is a fun new look at the paranormal world of werewolves and vampires. Gracie Ray does an amazing job bringing a new character into the mix with the blood singer. I really enjoyed this story! There were a couple times where the pace slowed down a little bit but I don’t think the action of the story would have had the same effect if it hadn’t been explained so well. The main character Lizzie has a lot of spunk and really grows as the book progresses. Tristan…Tristan… not only is he a hottie but he is the knight in shining armor every girl dreams about and lucky Lizzie actually gets him! A lot of research went into creating the story, and you can tell. Gracie made sure you knew exactly what her characters were getting into as soon as you needed to. I loved all of the facets of this story, from the very beginning you knew something was different with Lizzie and Lexi’s Uncle Chriss but just how different was something even I didn’t expect. The history she poured into the story was an absolute blessing. Over all I think this story was great, I will definitely be reading the second book. All I have to say is, the end is worth the wait.

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