Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wolf Pact Part 2

Thank goodness these stories are coming out quickly. The anticipation is killing me!!!

In the second installment of Wolf Pact we find Bliss looking for the hounds that stole Jane and Lawson looking for Tala. It seems that Edon is back to normal and now they know why Malcolm is getting sick. When Bliss realizes she can still use the glom she enters it in an effort to find answers about Jane. The boys now know there is an oculus and Lawson is determined to find it and use it to find Tala. The last thing he expects is to find Bliss there instead. With the hunt now on both Lawson and Bliss are looking for each other for completely different reasons. When they find each other they both think the worst. When Bliss speaks Hroll Lawson realizes she must be on their team and takes them back to their cave. When the hounds find the cave they are forced to escape. Will they survive the hounds attack and finally get answers from Lawson or will they all parish? Read Wolf Pact part 2 to find out.

 Melissa does it again, gives you just enough to satiate you for about 10 seconds before you are craving more. This second installment of Wolf Pact is just as good and action packed as the first. With Bliss and Lawson together it begs the question of where are their respective girls and will Bliss realize just what she found! As always I cannot get enough of Melissa’s story and am anxiously awaiting the next installment to find out … I can’t tell you. Its too good. Just read it already!! 

The only reason this story gets a 4 paw review is because I am greedy and I really didn't want it to end.

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