Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wolf Pact Part 3

Why Melissa, Why? Why do I let you do this to my heart!!!!

Wolf Pact Part 3 is the most captivating piece of the Wolf Pact novella to date! We return to Bliss and the wolves right after the attack. Bliss finally tells the wolves about her mother and how she was sent to find them and Arthur admits he knew the whole time. While Arthur vows to stall the hellhounds Bliss and the boys head of to find Tala. When they arrive at the hospital it is not Tala but another girl from the wolves past. With this new girl in tow they set off to find the rest of the wolves who have escaped the underworld. Will they find the wolves, or is this all an elaborate trap set by Romulus? Read Wolf Pact Part 4 to find out.

Melissa did it again. She played with my heart and left me hanging without a goodnight kiss. This book was AMAZING. So yes, maybe I harbor a very deep obsession with this series but seriously, amazing. We start to see the characters all open up a little bit and we begin to see them work as a team. We are finally starting to see hope for the cause. With the addition of the new character we also see a new tension and possibly an evil plan in the works. I cannot wait for the final installment of this novella to come out. It will be epic, I know it. (Sorry this review is so short but if I keep writing I will totally give away some killer spoilers and that is just not cool, so read the book and we can gush about it later.)

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