Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fallen Review

“Does anyone have a fan? I need a fan. That story was hot!”

Fallen is the story of Amir and Shayla. Shayla is the lonely ballerina with an estranged family and Amir is the Angel sent from Heaven to heal her after she is hit by a truck leaving rehearsal. When Amir feels the determination to survive within Shayla he becomes intrigued by her. As he watches her slowly heal he begins to experience feelings for her. When she awakens, his job is finished but he cannot seem to leave her. He constantly wonders about her and is forced to fight an inner battle to determine whether or not she is worth the fall from Heaven.

Holy Goodness!!!!  Wow. I am speechless. I knew this book was going to be good but I did not expect to laugh, cheer and cry! Elise Marion does a spectacular job portraying the feelings of these two characters. Her ability to create the humanity within Amir is breathtaking. You can see the full progression of the emotions between the characters and she leaves no stone unturned. Her depiction of Heaven is as beautiful as it could possibly be. All of her characters have such purpose and all help to propel the story forward. This story makes you believe in the power of love and all that can be accomplished with it. I cannot give enough praise to this book. This book will satiate the hopeless romantic in everyone and make every woman wish she had her very own Amir. I cannot wait to read “Tempted” the next book in the series.
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