Friday, November 30, 2012

Redemption Review

So, I finished this book a few days ago and it has taken me quite a while to get to typing a review, not because the book was bad but because it was SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Redemption is the 3rd book in the Angels Among Us Series. We find ourselves a few years after the wonderful wedding night of Jackson and Sarah. They are still on their first assignment guarding Elian, the Naphil child of Carmen and Nathan. Carmen has learned to sense the demons around her and her son, and when she is attacked inside the Cathedral she realizes the true horror that will be her life. When Jackson comes to save her and Elian, they realize that the demons are coming for Elian and they must formulate a plan. Nathan, who hasn’t seen Carmen or Elian since the night he fell, has been fighting the transformation to demon and when he finds out Elian is in trouble he is rallied to save his son and the woman he never stopped loving. When Eligos breaks the rules governing the Earth between the Father and the Dark One, Nathan, Carmen and the rest of the gang must go through Hell to bring Elian back to earth and keep him safe. Will they succeed or will Eligos and the Dark One succeed in bringing Elian to the dark and further propel the war of Light and Dark? :in a whiny voice: Not telling!

Can I start by saying wow, like really, WOW. She has done it again, Elise Marion has caused me to laugh, cry and scream in 1 chapter. This book is an amazing finish to a fantastic series. We get to see everyone “all grown up” in this story and it is wonderful to see how everyone has changed with the knowledge they have all gained. Elian is such a great character. He is a little boy with a wonderful view on the world even when he knows what happens. Jackson and Sarah have grown into a wonderful family and you can really tell she is happy with her decision. Jackson Jr. is ready to accept his first assignment and has a sense of responsibility that would make any father proud. The imagery Elise uses in this book to describe the demons and Hell are colorful enough to make your skin crawl. I could not put this book down and cannot say enough good things about it. Elise Marion, when are we getting the Guardians series? I need more ASAP!


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