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Touching Eternity Blog Tour

Hey Everyone!! Welcome to my stop on the Touching Eternity Blog Tour!!! I hope you are all ready for the awesome interview I had with Airicka Phoenix, but before that check out this cover!!!

Isn't it beautiful!!!

What would you choose?
She had everything but freedom.
He had nothing but his loyalty, his wits and his training.
She was a prisoner, a disease, not fit for the world, and she didn't know why.But she did know she wasn't allowed to die, she wasn't allowed to live and shewasn’t sane.
He was a soldier, a protector, but his foundation will be tested when he mustdestroy the only light in his dark world.
Thrown together, prisoner and keeper, their rebellion will splinter throughtime, changing the course of history and the fate of the    world. Their love willchallenge their greatest enemy and immortalize them forever.
Loyalty. Freedom. Love.
What would you risk?
"Let me die."
Pain darkened his eyes. "Never."

My Interview with Airicka Phoenix 

Jenn: Hello Airicka, Thank you again for agreeing to do aninterview with me I know you are busy prepping for the release of TouchingEternity.
Airicka: It’s my pleasure! Thank you so much for having mejoin you and your readers today.
Jenn: So what can we expect from your new book?
Airicka:Touching Eternity is a standalone of the Touch Series. It’s the story of Amalie& Isaiah, which we touch on in Touching Smoke, but get to fully experience.So that said I’ll add that Touching Smoke has to be read first in order toavoid confusion. Touching  Eternityis dark. I think people who haveread Touching Smoke will be very surprised by the severity of TouchingEternity. A lot of Touching Smoke comes off light and fun because of Fallon’ssarcasm and her sense of humor. Touching Eternity is very powerful in the sensethat it’s about Amalie. Amalie is a very broken character. Her story is uniqueand tragic. But it’s because of her that Fallon is created and that makes herstory all the more important. It’s one that needs to be told. I only suggestthat people read it with great care. It does delve into situations that aren’tsuitable for everyone.
Jenn: How do you come up with your stories?
Airicka: The stories are all already up there. I just haveto put them to paper. It’s never about inspiration, it’s about telling thestory already rooted in you brain.
Jenn: Who is your favorite character to write?
Airicka: I don’t have just one. I think of all my charactersas my children. I don’t pick favorites.
Jenn: Do you take your characters from people you know orcreate a whole new person?
Airicka: I never use real people as inspiration. Building acharacter from scratch is much more fun in my opinion.
Jenn: When did you know you wanted to write books?
Airicka: Since the third grade when I was asked to write astory with pictures and words and rewrote Beauty and the Beast.
Jenn: What drew you to YA fiction?
Airicka: I love the path it has taken since I was ateenager. There are so many varieties now, so many options. I love that.
 Jenn: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Airicka: Never give up. Research your market. Write what youwant to read. Don’t let negativity in and above all else, always make time towrite.
Jenn: Is there any chance we can get a teaser from TouchingEternity *please, please, pretty please*
Airicka: “What if your father goes to your room and findsit empty?”
She peeled one eye open, squinted at him. “He’ll come in here and force you tomarry me in order to uphold my honor.”
He laughed, smoothing a finger over her cheek. "He wouldn’t have to forceme to do anything.” He kissed her gaping mouth. “Come on. Get up.”
Her giggles filled his ear when he nuzzled the spot beneath her the curve ofher jaw. She squirmed, but he held her down, biting and nibbling on the smoothstretch of skin. Her squeals faded into soft moans that sent his blood skatingwith fire. Her fingers tangled in his hair. Her body arched into his, fittingevery inch as though she were made specifically for him. His own hand traveleddown to her hip. His intentions were to stop her, to restrain her before thingswent too far, but his hand came up against smooth flesh where her nightgown hadbunched, exposing her leg from the hip down and his all good intentions scattered.
Jenn: So outside of writing we have been seeing a lot ofyour digital media lately (some killer new book covers, Website designs andbook trailers!) Is there anything you can’t do?
Airicka: I can’t knit. It sounds stupid, but I’ve tried andI failed horribly!! I wound up using the yarn for another craft. It wasembarrassing. LOL.
Jenn: Are you really going to make us wait until the end ofJuly for Book 2 Touching Fire? It’s hard enough waiting for Touching Eternityand I know it is only going to get worse after we all read Touching Eternity.What are the chances of an early release?
Airicka: VERY good, if you can keep a secret. I have 2 bookscoming out after Touching Eternity. One is a contemporary romance that will bereleased Valentine’s Day. The other is my Hunter series. But Touching Fire willbe out right after that. I can’t wait until July either!! I am dying to getback to Fallon & Isaiah.
Jenn: Thank you again so much for this interview. Hopefullywe answered enough questions to satiate the masses. It was a pleasure havingyou stop by today and I look forward to having you back again soon!
Airicka: I had so much fun. Thank you for having me, Jenn.It’s been a delight to sit with you and your readers. I really hope we can doit again soon as well! <3
 Thank you all for visiting my stop on the tour be sure to check out all of Airicka's pages and make sure you pick up your copy of Touching Eternity!
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