Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beguiled Review

Wait, it’s over, I finished the book already…. NOOOOOOOO!

RaShelle Workman did it again! I have been dying to read Beguiled since I bought it on release day and finally today I told my husband to go work or something and I had time to read it!!! All I can say is OMG!!!! Not even Oh My Gosh, because I am still stuttering…

When we return to Venus on Kelari, she is on the beach near her castle. Watching the waves crest and crash onto the ocean. She wishes she could find her family but 6 weeks back in Kelari and she has only found out who was the instigator to her exile. Zaren and her have finally begun dating but she still hides her feelings for Michael somewhere deep inside her. When Zaren leaves her on the beach to help some other Formytians with training. As soon as he leaves, Michael shows up. He tells her he knows where her family is and he wants to help save them. When he tells her they are in Helker she flips out and begins backing up toward the ocean. This is when the proverbial poo hits the fan. Kelvieri can’t swim, as she descends to the bottom of the ocean Michael saves her and swims her to a cave underwater, the entrance to Helker. When she enters, she must make a deal with Ramien, the devourer of souls, to save her family. She agrees, not knowing what she is agreeing to, and then must pass 3 tests before the deal is made final. 3 tests that will test her every fear and weakness and possibly kill all those who she holds dear. Will she pass the 3 tests and save her family or will someone else save her first. Read Beguiled by RaShelle Workman to find out.

:Insert fan girl moment here: This book was everything I could have imagined and then some. Talk about a twist I surely didn’t expect. Rashelle did it again. The characters were even more in depth than the first time. RaShelle was able to combine all of the characters individual lives into a cohesive story that was meant to be and is absolutely fantastic. A lot of things from the first book were explained and she posed some very interesting questions for the next book (please oh please let it come out quick). I couldn’t be happier with this story. There was a lot more action in this book than the first and it was very well plotted. The fight scenes were realistic and very descriptive and you really could feel the emotions of all the characters rolling off the pages. My final thought, READ THIS SERIES!!!! Seriously. It is a story no one should miss. 

This book definitely gets a 5 paw review I will even give it a high five as well because it was just that wonderful!
 Here are the links to Exiled, Aligned and Beguiled also RaShelle Workman's Facebook page! She has a blog tour going on right now that is awesome!!!

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  1. You are such a sweetie! Thank you for reading "Beguiled" and for the amazing. review. Awesome!!!