Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fall of A King Review

When a strange woman leaves a Gifted baby alone in the woods Master Ursa decides he will give this baby the life he deserves. Little did he know, the fate of their kingdom would come to rest on the two of them. When Prince Baritt arrives in Draco a huge celebration erupts. With the marriage of Prince Baritt and Princess Nicolette a new peace will be forged between the warring kingdoms of Draco and Zandor. What the people of Draco do not know is that the Prince is not who he seams and he is hell bent on taking over Draco no matter how much blood he spills. When Princess Nicolette and Ursa find out about this terrible plot they seek the King’s knowledge and guidance but they are too late. The pseudo prince has already attacked and murdered the King. Ursa knows that Nicolette is next and leaves the kingdom with Meath, the baby he saved so long ago, to tell the other kingdoms of this treachery. As Ursa, Meath and the Princess wind their way through the lands they meet up with some friends and foe in an effort to save their Kingdom. Will they make it to Dragon’s Cove and warn Lord Marcus and Lady Jewel before the rumors reach the sea side fortress or will the barbarians, druids and highway robbers stop them from reaching Dragon’s Cove in time?

James Fuller has done it again, three books three rave reviews! Fall of a King: The False Prince is very different from the Unforgivable series but just as captivating. The shear amount of detail he is able to include in his writing without bogging the reader down is amazing! There are so many different story lines and views to the story it is an ADD kids dream come true (and I mean that in the best way. It keeps you really entertained). The good and evil portrayed so close each other and yet so distant is phenomenal. I have loved watching the characters grow as they take on the different obstacles in front of them and seeing the new friendships formed. Princess Nicolette is an amazing heroine and a girl I would be proud to know. I cannot say enough good things about this book without giving away some of its mystery. Please do not be scared by the page count of this book, be enthralled and excited that the next book in the Fall of a King Series is out soon because I promise you will not be able to put this one down!


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