Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tempted Review

Yes, I admit I fantasized about what this book would entail after reading Fallen, and it was even better than I imagined!
Tempted follows the story of Sarah, the messenger angel we met in Fallen. When Father gives her a new assignment to give a message to a future guardian she thinks it will be just like all of her other messages. When she meets Jackson she realizes that will not be the case. She is instantly hit with a barrage of emotions she has never felt before and becomes smitten with him. While protecting him from the demons who want to turn him to the dark side they begin to fall for each other. Sarah knows the consequences of falling for a human, if she lets her passion and urges win, she will become one of the fallen. Can she hold out to insure Jackson’s protection or will she become the very  thing she is trying to protect him from. Read it and find out for yourself!
So, this book, it’s… abso-freakin-lutely amazing! The second book in the series is more than I could ever have hoped for. The end of Fallen hinted at Redemption being Sarah’s story and I was excited to say the least. I loved watching Sarah’s transformation from emotionless angel to passionate protector and lover. I think Jackson’s character grounded the whole story. His history is so full of turmoil and so easily recognizable in this era. His story brings ”grit” to the story that balances perfectly with the passion he and Sarah have for each other. I could not stop reading this story and I was so sad when it ended I literally flipped straight to Redemption, book 3 in the series. This is a series that will hurt you and make you feel a love that can only be described by the last chapter. Yea, I am so NOT divulging the last chapter, but wow. If you love angels, romance, war, family, mastiffs… yea, so pretty much if you have a heart, you will love this book. Thank you Elise Marion for another exceptional novel about love, acceptance, heartbreak, sickness, health and doggies.

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