Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fledgling Review

This book was nizhoni (Navajo word for awesome or good.)

Fledgling is the story of Ana and Chance. Ana is 18 and her heart is quickly deteriorating. During her senior year in high school her mom and doctor decide it would be better if they moved to Idaho where the elevation is lower to help Ana’s deteriorating condition. When they move into her grandmothers old house she expects life to remain the same. On her first day of school, she meets Chance, a tall, dark and handsome senior who shares her love for photography. The magnetism they feel between each other pulls them together but they are both hiding huge secrets. Will they share their secrets before it is too late and Ana’s condition get worse or will they never learn the truth about each others secret lives.

This book was amazing! I am always saying “I want to read a good book on shapeshifters,” and this was it! Natasha did a wonderful job pulling from personal experience to give a very true depiction of Ana’s illness and was able to create a wonderful world of hope and dreams. The journey each character takes is a story in itself. Watching Ana and Chance grow together and become adults was a wonderful thing. The story was action packed, romantic, and quite comedic at times. This book had it all! I cannot wait to read Prodigy, the next book in The Shapeshifter Chronicles, which luckily for me was released today! 


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