Friday, November 16, 2012

Beyond the Veil Blog Tour Stop

Hello readers. It is my lucky day today! Today I get to share with you the interview I had with Jen from the Grey Wolves Series! I hope you enjoy it! My Number is 13

As I walk up to the towering Serbian Pack Mansion, I am greeted by the always stunning Costin (this is going to be a great day!) As he walks me upstairs to meet Jen I cannot help but look in awe at the house. When he opens the large wooden door I see Jen sitting cross legged on the couch reading a book about poker.

JA: JENN!!!!
JM: JEN!!!!!!
JA: Finally, took you long enough! Did you get lost in the airport?
JM: Maybe if someone had given me better directions…
JA: Maybe if someone had actually written them down.
JM: Touche. So Jen, you know why I am here. It’s time for the blog tour for Beyond the Veil and I have been so graciously blessed to interview you! So lets get down to the fuzzy stuff. What’s it like having a tail?
JA: Honestly, it’s kind of like having a broom attached to my butt. Yes, I really just said that.

JM: I’m sure Decibel loves the fact you actually clean now. When you first met Decebel at Jaque’s house did you ever think you would be together?

JA: Seriously? When I met Decebel he was all “I am wolf, do what I tell you blah, blah, blah.” Granted yes he’s total eye candy but I never imagined being with someone who was so butt headish, but now he’s my butt head so it’s all good.

JM: I am sure he loves being called butthead too. How did you, Jaque and Sally meet?

JA: Kindergarden, I told them both they had to be my best friend- as you can see they use to do what I tell them, now it’s like I’m talking to two brick walls.

JM: What other phrases did you learn in Romanian?

JA: You know all of the things I’ve said, the S.A. comments I’ve made, the sexual innuendos…yeah so multiply that times 100 and those would be the things I learned in Romanian, and because I know that we have some really young fans it would be best for me not to go there…even I have my limits- I know, scary right.

JM: Quite scary actually. Wait… what was that… did I just see a glimpse of a conscience? No, not you Jen. Maybe Dec is changing you. So what is it like going from normal 17 year old girl to Luna of the Serbian Pack in less than a year?

JA: Scary as hell yet exciting. I never thought I would ever be in a position to make a difference in any one’s life and now I have the opportunity. Sometimes it’s over whelming and when it gets that way I find ways to lighten the situations or aggravate Dec cuz that makes me all kinds of happy. But truly I feel blessed.

JM: So now onto the nitty gritty, the questions all minds are asking. What is your favorite song of all time?

JA: Okay well this might surprise you but it’s Clint Black’s “Something That We Do” if you don’t know it, go look it up and listen to it. It’s a great song that really explains what love is in a marriage and the fact that love is a choice not a feeling. It’s hard and messy and wonderful, but even if you marry your soul mate-that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Love is something that we do, it’s an active choice to love the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with even when they are a butt head, even when they aren’t lovable, even when they are sick, even when they hurt you deeply, even when they make you so angry you want to hit them with a two by four- you love them through it all. My favorite line in the song is:

“Love isn’t someplace that we fall, it’s something that we do.”

Okay so that was really deep and serious, but there you have it.

JM: That song is awesome. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

JA: Bellatrix Lestrange…why you ask? Okay so yeah she’s wicked evil, but you have to admit that her craziness is funny as all get out. And I can appreciate the fact that she is an amazing villain, it’s easy to hate her.
JM: She is an amazing character, so twisted and so proud of it. Did Decebel ever concede that the Bonfire was pretty funny or is he still sour about the subject?
JA: It’s probably not something I will bring up for a while ;p

JM: Of course you will. What went through your mind when you realized the bond between the two of you finally connected?

JA: There goes all the wicked thoughts I use to keep to myself, not to mention all my fun plotting. But at the same time it’s an intimacy that I wouldn’t give up.

JM: Yea, I am not sure how I would feel about my husband hearing my thoughts. He might freak out a little. How is your mom taking the whole “It’s my senior year, let me move to Romania and get hitched to a furball!” talk?

JA: She’s always known how independent I’ve been and knew that I’d do it whether she was okay with it or not, so she decided to be okay with it. She loves me, no doubt and worries about me, but Alina is really good at putting her mind at ease.

JM: Alina does have a truly amazing ability to do that. So you and the girls always call eachother pop culture names, who do you most relate to Lucy, Thelma or Watson?

JA: Lucy totally, she was always getting herself in all kinds of messes and poor Ricky was always finding out when it was too late to fix. Poor Decebel.

JM: Hey, you gotta keep the man on his toes. Idle minds are the devils playground… Actually that sounds kinda fun! So anyways, what is your favorite part about being a furball?

JA: Being a part of a pack, it’s amazing to feel so connected to a group of people who will be there for you through thick and thin.

JM: Can we expect puppies any time soon?

JA: You’ll just have to read the book…

JM: Tease! For those people who haven’t read Beyond the Veil yet, can we give them just a little hint about the battle with Desdemona?

JA: Desdemona, man she is a piece of work. She’s determined to be the most powerful being in the human realm and will take out anyone who gets in her way. She will not give up the ones she has taken and she will not allow those who have made promises to back out not matter how evil they have discovered she is. She will use anyone or anything to help her reach her goal and before it’s all said and done there will be many who will suffer because of her evil ambition.

JM: Sounds about right, completely evil witch! What was your favorite black op of all time with Jaque and Sally?

JA: Has to be at the Gathering. Man that was epic and I’d do it over again despite my ticked off mate ;D

JM: Next time call me, I want in on that action! Ok, well it looks like my time here is up! Thanks so much for the interview! Oh and by the way, if there are any unmated males here looking for a friend I have a sister who could use a friend ;) 

JA: I think I have just the wolf in mind.

I hope you all enjoyed my interview with Jen. Be sure you pick up Beyond the Veil to find out more about her adventures and the rest of the crew!

Quinn is a wife, mother, nurse, and writer, not necessarily in that order. She lives in beautiful North West Arkansas with her husband, son and Nora their Doberman pinscher. She loves writing, reading, and crocheting. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, favorite book(s) is Pride and Prejudice, The Alpha and Omega Series by Patricia Briggs, and the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. She loves to be silly and have fun, loves music and thinks there is no greater sound than the sound in the world than that of her little boy's laughter.

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